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  • Dupree Lakes Clubhouse
  • 7eventh brewery
  • 7eventh brewery 12-10
  • 81 Bay Brewing Company-Themed Trivia
  • Watergrass by the Clubhouse
  • Cotee River Brewing
  • 37922 Palm Ave
  • Dupree Lakes Clubhouse
  • 7eventh brewery 12-10
  • Epperson (in the dog park)
  • Dented Keg Ale Works
  • Dissent Craft Brewing
  • Union Park Clubhouse
  • 7eventh brewery
  • 7eventh brewery 12-10
  • John Pass Seafood Festival
  • John's Pass Seafood Festival
  • John's Pass Seafood Festival
  • Oak Creek Community
  • 7eventh brewery
  • 7eventh brewery 12-10
  • Epperson (in the dog park)
  • Wilderness Lake Preserve Clubhouse


  • Specials

    Maryland Crab Soup

    Tomato based with crab meat & mixed vegetables.

  • Specials

    Cream of Crab Soup

    Heavy cream based with Crab Meat, Potatoes, Corn

  • Specials

    Half & Half Soup

    How Real Marylanders Eat Crab Soup.

  • Specials

    Chicken La Balti-Mer

    Lightly Cajun Fried Chicken Topped with Shrimp & Crab Sauce. Served with Side of Sweet & Tangy Slaw & Crabby Chips.
  • Specials

    Edgar Allen Poe-Boy

    Crabcakes, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cajun Remoulade on French Bread.

  • Specials

    The Ray Ray

    Old Bay Buffalo Chicken Sandwich & Pork Belly Topped with Sweet & Tangy Slaw & B-More Sauce
  • Specials

    Michael Phelps

    Smoked Crabcake served at the bottom of Cream of Crab Soup.
  • Specials

    The Big Kahuna

    Crabcake infused with Ham & Pineapple. Topped with Slaw & Aloha Sauce.
  • Specials

    The Samurai

    Crabcake made with Asian Spices. Topped with Asian Slaw & Sesame Wasabi Sour Creme.
  • Specials

    El Jefe

    Spicy Mexican Inspired Crabcake topped with Pico De Gallo.
  • Specials

    Eastern Shore Special

    Blue Crab & Shrimp sautéed in brown butter. Served Chilled on a toasted hot dog bun with Crabby Chips & Pickles.



In addition to our full time menu below, we also offer an array of specials on different days. Not all specials are available every day, call or message for details!

Real Maryland Crab Cakes

Maryland crab cakes have been a favorite for residents of the state since colonial times. During the early 19th century, crab cake recipes started to grow in popularity with seafood lovers everywhere. Many of these crab cake recipes used bread crumbs and a few spices. However, it wasn’t until the early 20th century that the name “crab cake” was born.

Marylanders have been eating crab cakes for as long as they can remember, as most families have their own memories of eating crab cakes every week. Many people also hold their crab cake recipes close to their heart, and have kept the same recipe in the family for years- including Charm City’s secret family recipe!

A real Maryland crab cake is always broiled! The majority of Marylanders love it that way. Broiled crab cakes are classic, and are what most people expect when they order a crab cake in Maryland. Broiling allows the flavor and texture of the lump blue crab meat to shine through. When broiling a crab cake, it’s crucial not to flip it, as crab cakes are delicate and flipping them over may cause them to break apart. The broiler also gives crab cakes that perfect golden color we all look for, with a crisp and caramelized top.

As you can probably tell, we have a very serious relationship with Maryland crab cakes. Nowhere else even comes close. A great Maryland crab cake doesn’t call for a lot of ingredients. It has a ridiculous amount of sweet blue crab, a heap of Old Bay, very little filler, and a whole lotta love. So, now that you know the history and what a real Maryland crab cake is, come on down to Charm City Eats and get you one!

Every Maryland family has their own way of preparing traditional Maryland crab cakes. Recipes have not changed much since colonial times, except for 1939. That was the year Gustav Brunn, a German refugee came to Maryland and invented the greatest spice concoction ever….Old Bay. The seafood spice is an icon – you’re almost not a Maryland household without a can in the cupboard, and Maryland food and beverage companies have embraced the spice, putting it in seemingly everything.

Named after a ship line on the Chesapeake Bay, the spice grew in popularity during the second half of the 20th century. In 1990, McCormick & Company bought the spice, at which time they didn’t have any plans to distribute it outside Maryland. Today, the company still manufactures it north of Baltimore, and does distribute it to a much wider area. The recipe is the same as it was over 75 years ago, and the can is wonderfully retro. Any Maryland restaurant, especially those near the Chesapeake Bay, will have the seasoning, and it’s a must for your crab cakes.

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